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The Healing Journey


This is a gentle, non-invasive approach to healing. that encompasses traditional Indigenous culture, history, spirituality, traditional knowledge, art, drumming and the sounds of nature. Land based healing can take place when we reconnect or return to the land.


The land is the foundation of our Indigenous identity, but over generations, we have been disconnected and dispossessed from our traditions and our lands, which profoundly affected well being of our nations throughout all generations.


"Earth Voices" is land based wellness and healing therapy intended to help us reconnect with the healing Spirit of Mother Earth through the four steps of one's self healing; Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual.


This Healing Journey vision is to create a process where individuals are encouraged to develop their own healing or recovery path working in partnership with Red Road Lodge staff to build an all inclusive wrap-around support system that is consistent, safe and ethically driven with a strong focus on Land Based Healing and the Wellbriety Movement with their strong ties to Traditional Indigenous teaching as found in the 7 Sacred Teaching and the Medicine Wheel.


In addition to traditional Indigenous teaching "Earth Voices" incorporates therapeutic sessions on Indigenous land, and unique nature based sensory ambiance "IECOTHERAPY" to help:

alleviate stress and anxiety, and to increase positive thinking and overall sense of emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing during the healing and recovery process.

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